How Jubilee Plans to Secretly Reduce Raila's Votes - NASA Politicians Reveal

  • A section of National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders led by nominated Senator Agnes Zani have made new revelations on how Jubilee leaders are secretly planning to reduce the numbers of voters in the upcoming presidential elections.

    Speaking at IEBC Headquarters in Nairobi, the politicians claimed that Jubilee leaders are massively buying national identity cards from NASA supporters.

    According to the parliamentarians, the prices of the IDs range from Sh1,000 to Sh5,000, a price that would tempt any registered voter to sell their ID.

    The leaders further indicated that the scheme is ongoing in Kisumu, Bungoma, Busia and Kakamega counties.

    The politicians pointed out that the move is aimed at reducing the number of NASA-registered voters, hence, undermine Raila Odinga's voting block in the upcoming presidential elections.

    “We want to remind Kenyans their democratic right and responsibility. Do not be swayed to sell your vote,” stated Nominated Member of Parliament Jacqueline Oduol.

    “We call on the public to be vigilant and stop attempts to deny Kenyans their democratic right to vote,” she noted.

    The election regulations stipulate that the presentation of national ID is a mandatory requirement before a registered is allowed to cast his or her vote.

    The scheme would, therefore, ensure the voters are denied the right to vote during the election day.

    Other NASA nominated leaders who spoke include, Rose Nyamunga (Senate), Danita Ghati (National Assembly), Gertrude Inimah (Senate), Naomi Masita (Senate) and Mercy Chebeni (Senate).

    Regarding the nullified presidential elections, the legislators noted that the electoral commission owes Kenyans an explanation on the various irregularities that led to the nullification of the August 8 presidential poll.