NASA MPs Announce There Will be No October Elections

  • By Michael Musyoka on Thursday, 14 September 2017 - 8:27am
    NASA Leaders During past Press Conference facebook
  • National Super Alliance (NASA) Members of Parliament on Wednesday warned that the fresh presidential elections set for October 17 would not take place if their demands to the IEBC are not met.

    The opposition coalition indicated that not only will it not participate in the fresh election if its conditions are not met, but it will also not allow Jubilee to go to the polls alone.

    "NASA is not talking about election boycott. There will be no elections to be boycotted," they declared.

    On Tuesday, NASA issued seven conditions that must be met by the IEBC for their presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, to participate in the October election. 

    In a letter to the polls body, the Opposition highlighted seven changes they want made in the electoral system and general operations, failure to which NASA will boycott the upcoming election.

    “We have given them conditions, if those conditions are not met there will be no elections on October 17,” Raila stated.

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    On Wednesday, NASA-allied MPs announced that they would not participate in the proceedings of the Houses of Parliament or in House committees.

    They further stated that they were seeking private criminal prosecution of IEBC chiefs who bungled the August 8 polls in a new legal and political tactic to eliminate them from overseeing fresh polls.

    "NASA will shortly institute criminal and contempt of court proceedings against individual IEBC and election officers found to have committed illegalities and irregularities during the August 8 polls," they declared.

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