3 Gunmen Stage Daring 1-Minute Robbery in Nairobi [VIDEO]

  • Three gunmen were captured on Tuesday morning by a CCTV camera carrying out a daring robbery in Nairobi.

    The gang assaulted employees at Kenol Petrol Station, Opposite Mater Hospital in South B estate forcing them to lie on the ground before robbing them.

    In the footage, one gunman is seen approaching the employees wielding a gun and even chasing them around a parked car before forcing them to lie on puddles of water.

    During the incident which occurred at 6:36 am, the driver of the car does not move until the robbers leave.

    Luckily, the gangsters did not kill anyone during the daring one-minute robbery.

    The incident has sparked outrage with Kenyans taking to social media to condemn the security agencies.


    Kenyans needs to know this Videos are useless much more entertaining without anyone manning live video robbers will keep coming

    — Frank Thogo (@fmausii2001) September 19, 2017


    Here is the video: 


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