3 Shot As Police Battle NASA Supporters in Nairobi

  • Three people have been shot as police and National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters engaged in running battles at Jacaranda grounds in Nairobi.

    Police officers moved into the grounds early in the morning and blocked it from being accessed by the Opposition team.

    Following the arrival of the police, a group of youth assembled and started marching to the venue after which police reacted leading to the shootings.

    [caption caption="Situation at Jacaranda estate"][/caption]

    According to the Nation, the officers were in full anti-riot gear and threw teargas everywhere, including residential estates beating up whoever they came across.

    The youth have currently assembled in large numbers and blocked roads.

    [caption caption="Situation at Jacaranda estate"][/caption]

    Meanwhile, police were reported to have surrounded Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati home on Tuesday morning with an aim of preventing him from accessing Jacaranda grounds for the NASA memorial service.

    According to Mr Arati, the officers were searching all vehicles entering and leaving his home.

    ODM Director of Communication Philip Etale noted that the rally will go despite all efforts to frustrate the Opposition from attending the meeting.

    "They wanted Simba Arati confined in his house... wananchi came in their thousands. They ran away. Jacaranda is a must," he stated.

    [caption caption="Police officers outside MP Arati's home"][/caption]

    Addressing claims that human waste had been dumped at the venue to block them from using it Etale stated: "Whether they pour human poop or garbage, Kenyans will be at Jacaranda Grounds today. They will smell human waste but the memorial will go on".

    Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino also joined the conversation explaining that: "I also spotted a number of police around my home. I dodged them and now safely headed to jacaranda grounds. We stand with Arati".