Raila's Adviser Explains How His Inauguration Will Help Kenya

  • National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga's adviser Salim Lone on Wednesday explained how the Opposition leader's swearing-in on December 12 will help the country.

    In a statement seen by Kenyans.co.ke, Mr Lone noted that it would be essential for NASA's people's assembly to inaugurate the former Prime Minister to prevent further polarisation in the country by giving Kenyans hope that was "denied" by IEBC.

    “Mr. Odinga’s swearing will be lawful. It will help prevent further polarization by giving Kenyans hope for electoral justice that was denied them, under a genuine electoral body,” he noted.

    He further emphasized that the process will not breach any guidelines stipulated in the Constitution.

    Second, he divulged that Odinga's swearing-in will give NASA a strategy to guide county assemblies in addressing major economic and justice issues that will in turn benefit Kenyans.

    [caption caption="Raila Odinga and Salim Lone"][/caption]

    Contrary to the sentiments that the NASA leader is deepening rift in the country, Mr Lone noted that Odinga is holding the country together through his commitment to pursuing justice.

    "Odinga is holding the country together through his commitment to pursuing constitutional and peaceful means for resolving issues and crimes against Kenyans," he conveyed.

    Regarding holding dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr Lone stated that the NASA leader would do it on condition of electoral justice.

    "Mr. Odinga has also always been open to dialogue. Before the election, he sought it for talk, but there was no interest in the dialogue nor in holding an honest election.

    "Mr. Odinga’s only condition for the dialogue is that it must have an agreed agenda, which should, unlike in 2008, include electoral justice," he conveyed.

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    Odinga's advisor blamed Kenyatta's government for the deepening rift after the August election stating: “Not a single action has been taken by the Kenyatta regime to lower the temperatures."