Kenyan Police Caught Taking Bribe From Ugandan

  • A video of a Kenyan Policeman went viral on social media after the officer was caught on camera demanding bribes from Ugandan students.

    The undated video clip shows the officer negotiating the bribe while the driver asked him what law he had broken.

    In the video, which was captured by a passenger in the backseat, the driver was heard telling the policeman that he was a Masters student from Makerere University who was in Kenya with his professor for an engineering project.

    The motorists pleaded with the officer to pardon the driver but the policeman dismissed them, warning the driver that he would be charged.

    [caption caption="EACC officers' arrest a traffic police officer"][/caption]

    “I have gone to Kampala twice. Can you tell a police officer like that? Because in Kampala there is an army officer, traffic and revenue officer, isn’t it?” the policeman questioned.

    The police officer proceeded to demand that the motorist give him cash instantly.

    He then leaned towards the vehicle to collect the bribe and was heard warning the motorist against giving him “small money”.

    “Not those small money, we don’t take those small money. If you have Sh2,000 I’ll take that,” he told the driver who started checking his pockets.

    The driver was heard pleading with the police officer, telling him he did not have that amount of money in his wallet.

    After taking his loot, the police officer dismissed the motorist and informed him that he would not make life difficult for him since he was a visitor.

    Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet stated that the officer has since been identified and was being processed for dismissal.

    Here is the video courtesy of CitizenTV: