KNH Announces First Major Change After Rape Scandal

  • The Kenyatta National Hospital board on Monday approved the addition of more private security guards after sexual assault claims by patients.

    The board also asked police to boost security at the hospital and remain vigilant at all times.

    Last week, reports on social media indicated that some patients had been sexually assaulted although the hospital denied those claims.

    Speaking to, KNH Public Relations Officer Simon Ithai conveyed that the report shared on social media platforms was only partly true.

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    "The Hospital has always been on high alert for criminal activities that often take place at the facility and there are public notices that alert members of the public to be aware.

    "We have had countless cases of pickpockets as the post indicates. We have had cases of people masquerading as doctors in white lab coats. Others have often conned unsuspecting visitors at the hospital and made away with large sums of money," Mr Ithai admitted.

    Over the weekend female Members of Parliament (MP) drawn from across the political divide made an impromptu visit to the hospital following reports of rape cases involving new mothers.

    The members of the 12th Parliament toured the facility with a focus on the newborn unit (NBU) as well as the wards where new mothers were accommodated.

    Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda conveyed that interactions with the new mothers revealed that the hospital's management is aware of the threat against new mothers.

    "One mother who was here last year has shared with us that she along with other mothers were chased along the corridors to the NBU by who they thought was another patient and they managed to escape safely.

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    In an interesting turn of events, a police officer who is part of the investigations at the hospital claimed that the whistle-blower of the rape allegations against the hospital had tried to extort money from the management.

    According to reports by Nairobi News, the officer also noted that the police will scrutinise the allegations that surround the whistle-blower.