5 Life Hacks That Have Been Proven to Work in January

  • Finally, the longest month of the year is coming to an end. It is the final week (which can easily pass for two weeks on its own) and end month is in sight which means money is coming through.

    But we are not there yet. We still have a few days before that much anticipated sigh of relief dawns on us.

    Many have been harassed, and down-right humbled when it comes to their finances.

    As an adult with a stable job or a business, you may be wondering ‘why does this keep happening to me every year?’

    So here are 5 proven ways to survive #Njanuaary

    1. Food

    We advise you skip a meal if you can but don’t be too shy to buy some KDFs for lunch if the hunger persists. Also, air burgers have never hurt anyone:)

    2. Keep track of your finances

    Keeping track of your finances should not be a matter of memory, just one zero at the wrong place and you have a deficit in your expenses that will leave you eating KDFs for the remainder of the month - for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Keep track of your spending habits for it will go a long way in helping you acquire some discipline.

    [caption caption="KDF Mandazis"][/caption]

    3. Pay your essential bills

    A major win for January is not ending up homeless. Therefore, it is recommended to settle your rent, electricity and water bill before spending on other needs.

    Back to school season may have been weeks ago, but let’s be honest - dedicating all your money to paying the fees really limits your liquidity so if have a chance to pay in installments, take it.

    4.Cut your spending

    Be brutally honest with yourself and cut out the non-essential stuff you think you can’t live without.

    A night out is fun but only if you can afford it - that pizza you crave every week, forego it for just this month.

    Use public transport if you are in the habit of taking cabs everywhere.

    [caption caption="A Nairobi matatu terminus"][/caption]

    5. Staying positive

    Maintain a positive mindset by keeping yourself occupied with things that make you happy.

    Let go of frustrations and inconveniences of long queues at banking halls, having to make trips to the bank between your lunch breaks and not being able to access financial services on Sundays.

    You can achieve this by visiting your nearest Co-op Kwa Jirani agent where you can pay your utility bills and school fees, get access to your mini statement and best of all, the agents are all over to ensure you do your banking at your convenience.

    This will, of course, create some time for you to do the things that make you happy.

    January is already hard enough - so seek convenience which Co-op Bank stands for.