World's Top Ivory Detective Murdered in Nairobi

  • Esmond Bradley Martin, one of the world's top ivory trade investigators, was on Sunday found dead in his house in Lang'ata, Nairobi.

    The 75-year old's body was found with a stab wound on his neck.

    Nairobi DCI Boss Ireri Kamwende confirmed the murder, stating that they were working to find Martin's attackers.

    "We have already questioned a gardener and a cook who are employed at the home," Kamwende stated.

    Martin was known for his ground-breaking investigative reports on rhino and ivory smuggling across the globe and was working on a new report at the time of his death.

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    The death was reported by his wife, Chryssee Martin.

    She explained that she found her husband's lifeless body at around 4 pm as she came back home from a nature walk.

    Along with his wife, Martin had been in the country with colleagues Lucy Vigne and Dan Stiles.

    They were working to identify ivory markets, traffickers and modern-day uses.

    His last report, Decline in the Legal Ivory Trade in China in Anticipation of a Ban, was published by conservation group Save the Elephants last year. 

    [caption caption="Esmond Bradley Martin (left) at a past conservation event"][/caption]