How NASA Supporters Will Arrest IG Boinnet - Edwin Sifuna

  • Former Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Nairobi Senatorial aspirant, Edwin Sifuna, on Tuesday disclosed how NASA supporters will arrest Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti.

    Speaking during an interview with KTN News, Sifuna asserted that if the High Court can not have IG Boinnet and the DCI boss jailed for contempt of court, the coalition would be calling upon the citizens to arrest the duo.

    "This is now an issue for the rule of law. We will push that, these people must go to jail," he noted.

    Sifuna added, " If the police can not arrest the IG and the DCI we will be calling upon the citizens to arrest them from wherever they will be."

    [caption caption="NASA leader Raila Odinga and Edwin Sifuna"][/caption]

    Justice Luka Kimaru had on Monday ordered the IG and the DCI to appear before the court on Tuesday.

    Kimaru also directed the Inspector General to present Miguna Miguna at the Milimani Law Courts personally.

    However, the IG did not appear before the court and instead was represented by a junior officer who mentioned that Boinnet had a meeting and could, therefore, not be present for the hearing of the case.

    The lawyer also confirmed that his client Miguna Miguna had refused to take plea at the Kajiado Law Courts as he was aware that there was a court order in Nairobi demanding for his release.

    Sifuna then noted that the Kajiado law courts' magistrate had ordered for that matter to be referred to Nairobi.

    [caption caption="File image of IG Joseph Boinnet with DCI boss George Kinoti."][/caption]

    According to the legal counsel, the IG and the DCI are presenting themselves as being above the law, which he maintained they would not condone. 

    Miguna Miguna has been in police custody since last Friday when he was arrested dramatically from his home.