DP Ruto's Strategic Plan to Outsmart 2022 Presidential Aspirants - Duale Reveals

  • Majority Leader Aden Duale has revealed that Deputy President William Ruto has already begun his 2022 journey to State House.

    Even as President Uhuru Kenyatta is in his final term, Ruto, like other 2022 presidential hopefuls, is already strategising on how to clinch the most coveted position in the nation.

    Speaking to Standard Duale divulged: "He (Ruto) is a politician who thinks and plans strategically. He’s a very influential person who has been a kingmaker and who now has trained his sight on the bulls-eye.” 

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    The Garissa Township MP has also revealed that Ruto's focus on the top job is the reason why has toned down the political rhetoric that involves him attacking opposition leaders.

    Duale further insisted that Ruto's perilous jabs against NASA leader Raila Odinga have strategically reduced.

    The Majority Leader says everything is being done to ensure that their “number nine” striker (Ruto) does not suffer injury until the ball is passed to him to score in 2022.

    “All of us on the pitch and the technical bench will ensure that our Messi continues to score home and away,” he adds. 

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    Dismas Mokua, a political risk analyst says most successful politicians globally take a tactful retreat to do an analysis before engaging a high gear and Ruto could have taken a few steps back to develop a superior understanding of the body politics in the country.

    “The next four years will be a turning point in his trajectory. He could have realized that he does not need to create unnecessary enemies but instead build on a stalk of friends,” highlighted Mr Mokua.