Jubilee MPs Express Fear After Arrest of Alfred Keter

  • Jubilee Member of Parliament, Silas Tiren, has expressed fear of being arrested by the government after hishis Na Hills counterpart, Alfred Keter, was apprehended.

    Addressing the media in the company of Marakwet East lawmaker Kangogo Bowen, Mr Tiren stated that he was afraid that legislators who criticise the ruling party seem to find themselves arrested over one suspicion or the other.

    The Moiben MP explained that there could be more than 'meets the eye' in the arrest of Alfred Keter on Friday. 

    "If the government will be picking us one after another, how then will we do our job which is to represent our people in Parliament, " Tiren noted.

    [caption caption="File image of Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter after his arrest."][/caption]

    Mr Tiren insisted that he wants the government to explain to the people why Keter was apprehended, since this happened just after they went against the ruling party on the appointments of parliamentary committee leadership positions.

    Tiren also demanded that the police should make it known to the public where they detained MP Keter.

    The former chairman of Labour and Social Welfare Committee was arrested by plainclothes police at the former Central Bank of Kenya building on Friday morning.

    He was detained alongside two others who were accused of allegedly attempting to sell fake treasury bills.

    CBK Head of Communications, Wallace Kantai, who spoke moments after the lawmaker was apprehended, disclosed that the bills were worth Sh633 Million.

    "We are holding three individuals, Arthur Ingolo Sakwa, Madat Suburali Chatur and MP Alfred Keter, " revealed Mr Kantai.

    [caption caption="File image Wallace Kantai"][/caption]

    "They presented a set of forged treasury bills which were purportedly issued by the CBK a number of years ago. This is obviously a crime and that has led to their arrest," Mr Kantai stated.

    The Communications official told the press that the individuals have been booked at police stations as investigations continued.