Ruto Should Retire in 2022 - Ekuru Aukot

  • Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot has asked Deputy President William Ruto to retire with President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

    Aukot, who was speaking at Mikinduri in Tigania East, Meru County, during the homecoming of EALA member Mpuru Aburi, further asked President Kenyatta not to endorse anyone.

    He argued that Kenyans had a tendency of electing opposition leaders for the presidency and further maintained that he was the official opposition leader.

    "People in Kirinyaga Tharaka Nithi, Meru are telling me that I am the one who rescued the country from a constitutional crisis so I am asking them to return the favour by electing me in 2022," Aukot noted.

    [caption caption="President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto "][/caption]

    The Thirdway Alliance boss argued that he unveiled his shadow Cabinet to keep the government in check and hold them responsible.

    "We respect President Uhuru Kenyatta's government but we will not support it blindly. We will put it in check and that is why we have come up with a shadow Cabinet," he stated.

    "You will not see any recycled appointees in this Cabinet. You will see well educated Kenyans with a fresh train of thoughts," Aukot noted.

    He added that Thirdway Alliance was the government in waiting and that they were ready to serve, adding that the Cabinet would change the tone and character of Kenyan politics.

    Aukot, who ran for State House on August 8, 2018, and got less than one percent of the votes, stated that Kenyans applauded him for filing a case asking IEBC to include him in the race after Nasa leader Raila Odinga withdrew.

    [caption caption="Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot in Meru County"][/caption]

    Raila pulled out of the October 26 repeat election, alleging that the outcome of the presidential race had been pre-determined.