Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu Declares Support for President Uhuru Kenyatta's Big Four Agenda

  • Kitui Governor,Charity Ngilu, on Thursday disclosed that she had made a deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta for green grams from Kitui to be supplied to the National Youth Service (NYS).

    Addressing Kitui school principals in Mombasa, Governor Ngilu stated that the President had agreed to support the Ndengu Revolution by buying green grams from her county.

    She also maintained that she was ready to work with Kenyatta in order to actualize the President's manifesto of the big four agenda which includes affordable housing, manufacturing, affordable healthcare and food security.

    Ngilu noted that she had met the Head of State and they had agreed on the similarities of their manifestos, hence the need to work together.

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    The Governor further pointed out that the President had promised to help her in providing food to 146 secondary schools in her region.

    During the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association Annual conference, she also granted requests from the principals which includes provision of water, construction of toilets, connection of electricity and drilling of boreholes.

    In regard to the protest on the ban on charcoal and sand harvesting, she promised to provide those demonstrating with alternative means of earning livelihoods, other than engaging in activities which degrade the environment.

    Governor Ngilu expressed concern on why people from other counties do not cut trees in their own region but resort to doing the same to those in Kitui.

    Ngilu finally revealed that the county government had partnered with National Industrial Training Institute (NITA) to train youths in various skills like shoemaking, dressmaking, tailoring, masonry, welding and leather works.

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