Kenya Splitting From Africa to Form New Continent With Tanzania, Somalia and Half of Ethiopia

  • A new report has revealed that Kenya is splitting from Africa, and will form a new continent with Somalia, Tanzania and half of Ethiopia.

    The split will be complete within 50 million years, according to experts from the New Mexico Institute of Science and Technology and National Geographic who are cited as sources by Nation Newsplex.

    According to the scientists, the Great Rift splits Africa into two tectonic plates; the Nubian plate which carries most of the continent while the smaller Somali plate carries the Horn of Africa region.

    Geologists estimate that the Somali plate has been moving away from the Nubian plate at a rate of 2.4 centimetres a year.

    It is also estimated that the Great Rift Valley, a collection of rifts, started forming 25 million years ago.

    [caption caption="A section of the rift on the Narok - Mai Mahiu road"][/caption]

    Suswa, where a massive rift was recently witnessed, is located in the heart of the rift which was formed when the earth's tectonic plates started moving apart.

    There are three different type of faults; all of which are the result of forces pushing or pulling on the earth's crust, causing rocks to slide up, down or past each other.

    Tectonic plates are almost always in motion.

    They shift against each other in fault zones, fall under each other and crash against one another at convergent plate boundaries.

    They also move apart from each other at divergent plate boundaries.

    [caption caption="A section of the rift at Mai Mahiu"][/caption]