Half of Kenyan Population Can't Read or Write - KNBS

  • A Survey conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) has revealed data on the counties with the most illiterate and educated people in the country.

    The researchers reported that Nairobi and Kisumu have the highest numbers of people who have ever attended school, with ratings of 97.5 percent each.

    The researchers also found that Garissa had the highest number of people who have never attended school at 62.2 percent while Nairobi had the lowest at 1.8 percent.

    Other Counties that recorded lowest school attendance include; Marsabit (46.1 percent), Mandera (47.8 percent)), Wajir (48.6 percent), Turkana (51.7 percent) and Samburu (55 percent).

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    Generally, the researchers pointed out that 38.2 percent of Kenyans were either pursuing university or college education.

    Interestingly, Garissa county had the highest proportion of people aged between 15-24 attending university or college whereas Mombasa had the lowest at 27.9 percent.

    The survey which was conducted in the period between 2015 and 2016 also revealed that at least 49.7 percent of Kenyans could not read or write.

    "Mombasa county had the lowest number of children aged 14-17 years attending school while Bungoma reported the highest proportion (98.5 percent)," the report stated.

    Regarding gender, the number of those who have ever attended school and those that have never is almost equally balanced.

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    "Male attendees stood at 92 percent nationally against 91.8 females while 7.6 percent and 7.8 percent of male and females respectively have never been in a classroom," part of the report stated.