Miguna Miguna Reveals What Will Make Him Acknowledge Uhuru - Raila Handshake

  • By Jael Keya on Wednesday, 18 April 2018 - 7:18am
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    File image of NRM-K self-declared leader Miguna Miguna Facebook
  • National Resistance Movement (NRM-K) self-proclaimed leader Miguna Miguna on Wednesday revealed that he will only acknowledge the Uhuru - Raila handshake when justice will be achieved for the victims of the post-election violence.

    In a statement posted on his Facebook page, the outspoken lawyer noted: "We will not allow anyone speak to us about "hand cheques" and "reconciliations" until we do justice for these innocent victims of an illegitimate brutal regime."

    The former Opposition supremo's adviser had criticised the handshake claiming that it was a move to turn Kenya into an authoritarian and despotic Kenyatta and Odinga Monarchy.


    He further divulged that he will publish images of those who were 'killed' during and after the August 8, 2017 general-election polls.

    "Chris Msando, Baby Pendo, Moraa Nyarangi and Master Mutinda. These are the first VICTIMS of Uhuru Kenyatta's and William Samoei Ruto's killing fields I'm cataloging.

    "I intend to publish the images of all the civilians the criminal gangsters in Nairobi butchered from August 8th, 2017 to February 7, 2018, " asserted the Canadian barrister. 

    After the unexpected meeting and reconciliation of the Head of State and the ODM leader, the seemingly angry Miguna harshly criticised the meeting.

    Miguna had exclaimed then that the meeting between the two was meant to cement the 55-year domination by a few elites and families at the expense of the more than 99 percent of suffering Kenyans.

    "Mr Odinga’s unilateral, irrational and erratic decision to betray the fight for electoral justice, the culture of impunity and the abuse of human rights cannot be justified.

    "The “reconciliation” is not intended to help the unemployed youth get jobs, and the homeless get housing. It is not intended to help the struggling workers; the professionals and the middle class secure their future and their livelihoods, it is meant to cement the 55-year domination by a few elites and families," he stated.


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