Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa Accused of Ksh1 Million Furniture Debt

  • Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa is set to be questioned over a Ksh1 Million furniture debt owed to Nairobi-based businessman Dan Simiyu.

    According to a report by Business Today, a CID officer handling the matter indicated: "We will summon him here to record a statement and explain to us why he issued a fake LPO."

    "If he doesn’t honour the summons, we will be forced to go for him," the officer is quoted.

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    In a report filled at Central Police Station under OB number 67/14/05/2018, Simiyu stated that he supplied the MP with furniture for his Riverside drive house in Nairobi.

    Among the items supplied include six leather seats, a six-seater dining table, glass coffee table, TV stand as well as two high-density mattresses and one bed for which he is seeking police intervention in recovering the Ksh1 million debt.

    "The MP signed the deliveries and acknowledged receipt. He told me I will be paid as soon as possible. But now he does not pick my calls and efforts to meet him have been futile," the businessman stated.

    Simiyu further accuses the MP of issuing him with a fake LPO that was allegedly generated by the CDF office.

    Speaking to, the MP indicated that although the furniture was supplied, Simiyu was trying to reap him off by inflating the prices of the items.

    "Simiyu is a friend, we come from the same place. But tell me how a TV stand that retails at Ksh 35,000 in the supermarkets can be supplied at Ksh 80,000," the MP posed.

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    The MP indicated that shortly after assuming office, the businessman approached him suggesting refurbishment of his house and consequently supplied the furniture without him ordering.

    "He should either come and pick his furniture or put a reasonable price as per the market value," the MP concluded.