Why Solai Dam Owner Shouldn't Be Evicted - MP Explains - Bahati MP Onesmus Ngunjiri

  • Bahati Member of Parliament (MP) Onesmus Ngunjiri on Wednesday jumped to the defense of Solai farm owner Patel Masukul citing that he is a major investor that residents cannot afford to lose.

    Identifying some of the generous acts of the owner such as the building of schools, clinics and good pay to employees, Mr Ngunjiri stated that the tragedy should be viewed as any other disaster and that people should cease blaming the owner.

    “He has done a lot for us and we’d like to take this just like a normal disaster because disappointing him may lead to him stopping his investment in the area,” he indicated.

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    Ngunjiri also mentioned that there have never been any complaints lodged against the owner by his employees or any person residing in the area.

    He urged people not to heed to the leaders' call to prosecute the dam owner owing to the fact that they are not from the area and they do not understand anything about the relationship of the owner and area residents 

    “I have heard some senators complain about the tragedy and you should note that they are not from this region and know nothing about this area. Let them mind their own affairs,” stated the agitated MP.

    Ngunjiri further stated that he is fully supporting the mysterious owner for he has been of so much help to the community and he is a major investor in the area.

    He indicated that it would be a loss to the residents if the investor left but Patel, who owns 14 companies around the world, would lose very little as the Solai farm is just but a ‘petty’ inheritance from his grandfather.

    The MP shifted blame over the tragedy to the government citing that for 30 years, it has not been going around inspecting dams. 

    Solai dam burst a week ago claiming 47 lives and displacing more than 500 people.

    A mass funeral service is being held today to commemorate those who lost their lives and President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto, CS Fred Matiang’i and numerous government officials are in attendance.

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