100K per Towel and 5 Other Items NYS Paid Ridiculous Prices for

  • Explosive details emerged detailing how shell firms looted the National Youth Service (NYS) with one firm being paid Ksh100,000 per towel for supplying 200 towels.

    Statements which were recorded with the police on Wednesday revealed that another company was paid Ksh100 million for supplying just 100 car tyres.

    This means that the tyres were each bought for around Sh1 Million.

    A firm purported to have erected tents for the NYS personnel was paid Ksh180 million in two rounds of Ksh90 million each.

    Additionally, Ksh200 million was reportedly wired to an account that delivered spare parts of grading machines, while another company supplied mosquito nets and was given Ksh100 million.

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    In the looting spree which lasted three months, another company received Ksh40 million for supplying 3,000 blankets, translating to Ksh13,000 per piece.

    Internal correspondence obtained by detectives revealed that some firms were paid millions for supplying nothing while others were paid exorbitant amounts of money for supplying a few products.

    A man who was questioned told detectives that a friend who worked at NYS lured him into opening a bank account where Ksh60 million was deposited without any prior explanation for service delivery.

    Some commercial banks are also on the spotlight, with investigators trying to unearth why they allowed illegal and massive transactions in their banking halls

    Reports also revealed that some individuals withdrew Ksh200 million over the counter from a certain bank, an act which is against CBK restrictions stipulating that any amount above Ksh1 million must be explained and authorised in writing before withdrawal.

    In an effort to nab the culprits, DCI boss George Kinoti, National Intelligence Service (NIS) boss Wachira Kameru and the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji took direct charge of the investigations.

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    Kinoti and Kameru were tasked with briefing President Uhuru Kenyatta about the progress of the probe on a daily basis and also roped into the investigations are the National Treasury.