Mutahi Ngunyi on How Corruption Will Cause President Uhuru Kenyatta's Impeachment

  • Prof Mutahi Ngunyi on Sunday opined that President Uhuru Kenyatta was at risk of being impeached due to the runaway corruption that had been unearthed in the ongoing National Youth Service (NYS) investigations.

    In his weekly show the Fifth Estate, Prof Ngunyi advised the president to handle the issue before it led to his downfall while in public office.

    "Uhuru inherited a government structure with a huge appetite for eating. We elected him, if public funds were stolen, the man who takes responsibility is the President. He needs to change the civil service for corruption to become history in my view," he explained.

    The team further explained that the President was risking impeachment adding that his strategy of fighting corruption was naive.

    [caption caption="President Uhuru Kenyatta"][/caption]

    "If corruption is the dominant national conversation six months after swearing in, it will not die away. If Uhuru doesn't manage it,  it will manage him. It has taken over from the Big Four as the legacy project.

    "In our view, this is a carefully engineered project to create anger and depict Uhuru as incompetent. All this will be created to give a justification for his impeachment," the team stated.

    The analysts further faulted the president for allowing some of the Kikuyu leaders for 'behaving badly' towards Deputy President William Ruto - a scenario which they believed would give Uhuru little sympathy.

    They conveyed that if Ruto feels that his community is being targeted by the President, he would join Raila and they would have the numbers to impeach Uhuru.

    "There is a perception that the government is targetting the Kalenjin nation in its anti-corruption crusade in the maize sector.

    "The handshake is a ceasefire instrument but if NASA disengages from the deal and joins forces with the suspicious Kalenjin nation, then the impeachment of President Uhuru will happen," the analysts elucidated.

    The team stated that the president should focus on taking care of DP Ruto's interests rather than opposition leader Raila Odinga.

    Here is the video: