DPP Noordin Haji Explains How He Plans to Prosecute 'Big Fish' in NYS Scandal

  • Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has divulged that his agency has a plan that will ensure all suspects in the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal are prosecuted and held accountable for their crimes. 

    Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV, Haji asserted that he is confident that all people including those claimed to be 'big fish' will be prosecuted in the ongoing corruption investigations. 

    Divulging how he will ensure his plan succeeds, Haji exclaimed: "We have a new approach of collaborating, cooperating and coordinating among agencies, and that's how we will be working.

    "We have learnt through mistakes over time. I think you will see a big difference now. We are looking at things more holistically now. We recognise that crime and corruption in itself are very complex, therefore we will do the investigations, take on the prosecution then we will also become complex in our approach," Haji affirmed when he was asked how well prepared he was to tackle the investigations.

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    He added that they are banking on President Uhuru Kenyatta's goodwill and his promise in ensuring that the constitution is adhered to and that independent institutions are well anchored.

    Additionally, the DPP declared: "We will not be going simply with the Penal Code. We will be looking at all the Acts of Parliament has enacted for us to be able to tackle this issue."

    Dr Haji also affirmed that to ensure that the cases are worked on swiftly, they have partnered with all agencies involved including the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) in sharing the workload. 

    "We also need to recognise that the police are a much bigger force and they can help in tackling this particular problem," he added. 

    He further assured Kenyans that they will not allow the suspects to benefit from their crimes. 

    "They will not benefit from their crimes. We will also look at lifestyle audits to be able to recover assets especially on those who have not been prosecuted. As you have already seen, vehicles were ceased in Naivasha, and a number of banks accounts have already been frozen. You will see more and more of this happening," Haji expressed.

    When asked if he is concerned over his security and that of his officers following the nature of the cases they handle, Haji noted that indeed corruption can be a threat to prosecutors but someone has to do it.

    "We are cognisant of that but these are sacrifices we are willing to make for this country to make a change. It's a sacrifice that someone has to take," he stated.

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