5 GSU Officers Killed in Morning Explosion

5 General Service Unit (GSU) officers were killed in Liboi, Garissa County after their vehicle ran over an improvised explosive device.

According to Dadaab Deputy County Commissioner Harun Kamau, three others were critically injured in the attack on the security officers who were on patrol duty.

"There was an attack this morning targeting officers on normal patrol. Unfortunately, we lost five officers while three others have been injured," Kamau stated.

The attack is reported to have happened at about 9 am at Harar in Liboi, a few meters from the Kenya-Somalia border.

[caption caption="Remains of a vehicle that ran over an IED"][/caption]

Kamau further added that the injured officers will be airlifted to Nairobi for specialised treatment.

The deputy county commissioner noted that reinforcements have also been sent to the area to pursue members of the Al-Shabaab militia who are suspected to be behind the attack.

The accident comes barely a month after eight Kenya Defence Forces officers were killed and two injured in a suspected Al-Shabaab attack on Kenya-Somalia border, near the Somali town of Dobley.

The soldiers died after their vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser, ran over an improvised explosive device (IED).

An assessment report warned of more Al-Shabaab-linked attacks in other parts of Kenya in the coming days.

[caption caption="Soldiers at the scene of the attack near the Somali town of Dobley"][/caption]

It further called for extra vigilance on the part of security agencies, especially those patrolling the border with Somalia.

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