Nana Gecaga Talks About Her Alcohol Addiction

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece has revealed some of the major opportunities she missed out on due to a previous alcohol addiction problem.

    Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) CEO Nana Gecaga disclosed that she would have been an Olympic athlete were it not for her overindulgence in alcohol.

    “Being a kid there were many things I wanted to become- a president, an athlete and many more things but alcohol ruined these dreams,” she indicated.

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    Speaking to Kiss FM, she intimated that her high hopes were washed down by an addiction problem that started in her teenage years.

    “My passion was actually in sports, I love football, basketball and I even qualified for the 1996 summer Olympics held in Atlanta Canada,” Ms Gecaga noted.

    “My biggest regret is that I missed out on the Olympics even after qualifying because at the time I had overindulged in alcohol. Now I look back and say it was my time to do service,” she lamented.

    Ms Gecaga, who had a sprinting slot in the summer games, further disclosed that her alcohol problem started when she joined the university in the United States.

    “My first year in the institution was very rocky and that’s when things started to fall apart. I became an alcoholic after that and I was forced to go to rehab at the age of 21, since then its been 19 years since I last drank,” she noted.

    “My battle with alcohol has taught me a lot; for sure it builds character. I have learnt it takes strength to acknowledge that there is a problem. After doing this one can deal with the issue,” she continued.

    In a recent interview on Churchill Show, she intimated that she’d take a crate of beer every day.

    “Back then I would take 24 bottles of beer daily and a half or full bottle of liquor,” she noted.

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