MPs Clash In Front of DP William Ruto in Kakamega

  • Two legislators supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 ambitions engaged in a heated exchange over their position in the party’s development agenda.

    Speaking in Navakholo, Ikolomani MP Bernard Shinali was angered by calls from his Lurambi counterpart Titus Khamala urging their boss to treat them equally.

    Shinali took offence and told off Khamala arguing that it was not practical for him to demand for equality with those whose loyalty has been intact in the Jubilee Government for more than five years.

    He remarked: “Even at a workplace, a latecomer cannot demand an equal pay with those who reported earlier. There is no way they can be paid the same amount."

    [caption caption="Ikolomani MP Bernard Shinali (L) arrives with DP William Ruto at an event"][/caption]

    The Lurambi MP had pleaded with DP Ruto to accord each one of them an equal opportunity in matters development despite the fact that, just the other day, his loyalty was elsewhere.

    Khamala who vied on ANC ticket stated: “I am now concentrating on development and not politics. I am a bishop, I must quote a biblical verse; Mathew chapter 20 that requires every worker to be paid equal amounts despite some reporting late for work."

    Shinali claimed that it was hypocritical for a leader to now claim that he was a lost sheep and must now be allowed back the prodigal way with equal opportunities. 

    However, the Deputy President who was presiding over the groundbreaking ceremony for Navakholo Medical College asked Jubilee MPs to allow newcomers to also join his 2022 journey.

    A few weeks ago, Ruto was on record drawing an analogy between the unity initiative and salvation in the biblical context, saying no one should be left behind in ongoing efforts to unite the nation.

    [caption caption="Lurambi MP Titus Khamala "][/caption]

    Ruto stated: “You know salvation is a good thing. There are those who accept Christ today, others will do so tomorrow but they will all get to heaven. No one gets locked out of heaven because they got saved last.”