Boniface Mwangi Lands Deal With Apple Company

  • Vocal activist and civil rights crusader Boniface Mwangi has landed a lucrative deal with a global campaign for the multinational technology company Apple Inc.

    He is among the various artists and professionals featured in Apple's campaign dubbed "Behind the Mac" which captures the MacBook users at work.

    Mwangi is famed for his photography skills as he notably documented the atrocities meted out during Kenya's infamous 2007/8 Post Election Violence (PEV).

    [caption caption="A billboard in San Fransisco, USA featuring Boniface Mwangi"][/caption]

    As part of the campaign, the activist is featured on billboards across the globe as photographed by Kenyans including in San Fransisco, USA, Shenzhen, in southeastern China and on Apples website home page.

    Speaking to, Mwangi acknowledged that he is part of the campaign that has been running for a month although he could not diverge further details owing to terms of the existing contract.

    However, going by other advertisement deals in Kenya, featuring on billboards rakes in a tidy six-figure sum that goes up to Ksh500,000.

    The amount may go higher depending on the prominence of the featured model, the company advertising the product, and the agency behind the deal where distributors are involved.

    The activist is captured in an outdoor setup peering thoughtfully at his computer with a digital camera close by - a clear reference to his photography career.

    Another Kenyan featured in the advert is Peter Kariuki, an entrepreneur and app developer who developed SafeMotos - a bodaboda taxi app.

    [caption caption="A signage board in Shenzhen, China featuring Boniface Mwangi"][/caption]

    "The app connects passengers with safe motorcycle taxi drivers across Rwanda," a description on YouTube reads as the app concludes with the slogan "Make something wonderful, behind the Mac".

    [caption caption="A signage board featuring Boniface Mwangi"][/caption]

    Here is Mwangi's video: