Demolition of More Buildings Halted

The task force leading the demolition of illegal buildings in Nairobi reached a decision to stop initiating destruction of more structures this week.

The Nairobi River Regeneration Task Force had already destroyed parts of at least four Multi-million property that had been illegally put up on riparian land.

The task force operations manager Julius Wanjau noted that the decision to stop more demolitions was arrived at after considering the four buildings currently pose as security risks to their respective area residents.

[caption caption="Southend Mall along Mbagathi way (PHOTO/COURTESY)"][/caption]

Wanjau on Monday stated that more demolitions had been shelved to ensure they first concentrate on flattening Southend Mall, Ukay Center and Oshwal Center.

He also announced that the intended use of explosives to bring down the remaining parts of the buildings had been reconsidered after a series of consultations with experts.

The ministry of mining had informed the task force that explosives would affect more buildings in the neighborhoods of those set to be destroyed.

“After consulting the Ministry of Mining, we came to the conclusion that the use of explosives would be detrimental to other surrounding buildings. We would rather take our time and complete the demolitions,” held Wanjau.

The team will, however, get back to deal with the targeted 4,000 buildings in Nairobi given the full support of President Uhuru Kenyatta and backing by other multi-agency teams.

After pulling down sections of Oshwal Center last week, the task force reportedly gave its management four more days to destroy the property.

A perimeter wall at Oshwal was brought down and parts of the building located on riparian land were scheduled to be destroyed early this week.

A random check by found residents hanging around Southend Mall with some cars parking close to the building that is evidently weakened by the ongoing demolitions.
[caption caption="A bulldozer demolishing part of Oshwal Center (PHOTO/COURTESY)"][/caption]

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