Sharon Otieno's Mother Reveals Governor's Business Deals With Daughter

  • The mother of the slain University student Sharon Otieno who was abducted alongside Nation journalist Barrack Oduor has opened up about her daughter's relationship with Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

    According to the mother, the governor had an affair with Sharon but it was all full of unfulfilled pledges.

    Melida Auma Otieno divulged that she was aware the governor had pledged to award her daughter several county business deals.

    Melida alleges that her daughter, whose body was retrieved from Kodera forest on Wednesday morning, had registered a company in readiness for the governor's favour.

    She added that the county boss was even aware that her daughter was attending antenatal care clinics and the evidence was all on her phone in their chats.

    A report by eDaily indicates the device is in the hands of  Migori County Commander Joseph Nthenge.

    "Sharon had sensed danger; she had sensed danger. She could not walk alone; that was why she opted to walk with the journalist, Barrack Oduor, whom they were kidnapped with on Monday," Melida told the publication on Wednesday.

    She further intimated that the governor had facilitated her flight to Nairobi through his personal assistant Michael Oyamo.

    During the said trip, Sharon had bought several clothes which she started selling in Homa Bay.

    "Last week, she flew to Nairobi. The governor’s P.A. Michael Oyamo was the one who booked her the flight. Besides going to meet Oyamo, her journey to the capital city was also business-motivated. She bought clothes there, came back to sell them here," stated Melida.

    She indicated that Obado had lied to her daughter that he would award her business tenders in the county.

    "My daughter even registered a company believing Obado would give her the business deals, now out of that relationship, she is no more," mourned the mother.

    On the day of her abduction, Sharon had informed her mother that she'd be late because of the planned meeting with the governor's personal assistant.

    She appealed for the investigation of Governor Obado over the death of the daughter whose pregnancy had just clocked seven months.