Sharon Otieno Found Dead After Alleged Love Affair With Migori Governor Okoth Obado

  • A breakdown of the events that took place before the abduction of Nation Journalist Barrack Oduor alongside slain university student Sharon Otieno emerged on Tuesday night.

    According to details availed by the victims, Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s personal assistant Michael Oyamo allegedly designed and orchestrated the abduction of Sharon and the journalist.

    On Monday 5 pm: Sharon, the slain university student associated with Migori Governor Okoth Obado, called Barrack Oduor informing him that Governor Obado's personal assistant had been sent by the county boss to give a detailed response to an alleged love triangle.

    45 Minutes later: The journalist moved to meet Sharon at Rodi Kopany market, Homa Bay. The governor's PA had scheduled the meeting o take place at this shopping center before informing her that the venue had been changed to Rongo town in Migori County.

    At 6:20 pm: Barrack and Sharon arrived at Graca Hotel in Rongo waiting for Mr Oyamo to arrive for the discussion.

    At 7:20 pm: Oyamo called Sharon demanding to know whether Barrack was present and proposed to change the venue for the second time.

    Ten minutes later: Oyamo arrived at Graca Hotel and sought time away in the washrooms. He returned suggesting that they move to a different venue should he have to disclose any information about the said affair to the journalist.

    At 7:35 pm that evening: The three left Graca hotel to the car park where a black car had been parking. They got into the car that already had two male occupants on the front seats. Oyamo, Barrack and Sharon took the back seats.

    As reported by Nation, they drove away and stopped just 50 meters away from the hotel. Two men in masks entered the car while Oyamo alighted.

    The strangers were not even introduced by Oyamo but sand-witched the two and asked them to switch off their mobile phones before confiscating them. They also took away their personal effects and handed them over to the driver before speeding off towards Homa Bay town.

    At 8:28 pm: The two men started unleashing terror on Sharon and Barrack and when near Nyangweso market along Homa Bay-Kisumu road, they informed the duo they were being taken to see Governor Obado.

    At half past 8 pm: One of the strangers seated next to Barrack started strangling him. The journalist fought back in self-defence and managed to jump out of the speeding car.

    The two attempted to pursue him but were unable to catch up as he escaped to a nearby homestead with bruises on his knees and arms.

    At 8:35 pm: A good Samaritan at the home where the journalist sought refuge drove him to Adiedo Police Post and handed him over the authorities.

    The officers later moved him to Kendu Bay Police Station where he recorded his statement OB Number 41/04/09/2018.

    Barrack was treated at Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu but on Wednesday, the country woke up to the sad news that Sharon had been found dead in K'Odera Forest.

    On Tuesday, Oyamo was nabbed by police over the matter which government termed as an attempted murder of the Nation journalist and has sent homicide sleuths to probe the death of the student.

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