PSC Advertises Tender for 3 Banks to Provide Premium Banking Services to MPs

  • The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) announced a tender for the provision of exclusive premium banking services to Members of Parliament (MPs).

    The tender outlines that only three tier one banks in Kenya will be selected to lease a space at Continental House where they will exclusively serve MPs.

    The tender notice requires candidates to demonstrate the capacity to provide custom-made dedicated services to the legislators and parliament staff.

    "The bank shall indicate any services tailored for MPs and staff and indicate the benefits that will accrue to members of staff," the notice read in part.

    Meeting the requirement will earn the candidate 17 points prior to the prequalification exercise.

    PSC explained that the provision of the exclusive services near Parliament will enable the MPs to transact in a safe and secure environment.

    Another qualification listed for the banks that will be considered is a market presence in all 47 counties.

    The tier one class of banks in Kenya are Cooperative, Kenya Commercial, Equity, Standard Chartered, Barclays and Commercial Bank of Africa.

    "With at least three banks the members will be provided with a choice of lenders to choose from," the documents read.

    The successful banks will occupy the ground floor of Continental House and will lease the space at market rates.