Miguna Miguna to Release New Controversial Book

  • Combative author and political activist Miguna Miguna is set to release a new controversial book before December 20, 2018.

    The new book titled Treason: The Case Against Tyrants & Renegades talks about the betrayal witnessed by the lawyer after the 2017 repeat General Elections.

    ”It was sad that the cancer of betrayal was ferociously attacking our liberation movement before the ink I had used to sign the oath of office on ‘The Peoples President had dried.

    “If I were to die today, history would record that my death was caused by the cancer of betrayal; betrayal by the homeguards and renegades,” the book reads in part.

    Miguna’s new book lift the lid on what transpired before, during and after the swearing-in of Raila Odinga as the people’s president.

    The books also gives details of hitherto unknown details behind-the-scenes discussions involving Miguna and what he went through during two detentions and forced exile.

    He makes a strong case against those he accuses of having committed treason against the Kenyan people.

    In 2012 he released Peeling Back the Mask, a Quest for Justice in Kenya, which kicked up a storm for its scathing assessment of Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s tenure in the grand coalition.

    Barely two weeks to the 2013 General Elections, he launched Kidneys for the King: De-forming the Status Quo in Kenya which he claimed to be even more controversial than his previous memoirs.

    In Kidneys for the King, Miguna claims Odinga was being protected from prosecution by the International Criminal Court.