Lamba Lolo Video Deleted From YouTube

  • Kenya's arguably most controversial hit-song Lamba Lolo on Wednesday mysteriously disappeared from YouTube with reports indicating it had been deleted.

    The explicit video produced by a group of youngsters dubbed Ethic Entertainment had crossed the 1Million views mark in July this year.

    The Youtube channel carrying the singers' several songs including their latest hit, New Position, has also been pulled down.

    The deletion comes barely two months after Gospel singer Size8 rebuked the secular song. Size8, while in the company of women leaders termed Lamba Lolo as immoral, observing that its content promotes irresponsible sexual behavior among teens.

    She made the remarks during a performance at a function in Kerugoya Stadium, Kirinyaga County in September this year.

    The hitmakers, Rekles, Seska, Swat and Zilla are yet to issue a statement on the disappearance of their songs and a link displayed on their bio has been deactivated.

    The crew manager Mwakitele Kitawi, popularly known as ‘Teleh Mani'told eDaily that the videos would only be uploaded back to YouTube after an ongoing court dispute has been settled.

    Kitawi disclosed that they were having disagreements that have since been taken to court.

    “The matter is headed to the courts as we have already drafted our papers so I am not in a position to say much about it until it comes to an end.

    "But if they perform any of those songs at any concert then it would only further complicate the issue for them,” held Kitavi.

    Here is a video of Size8 condemning the Lamba Lolo song, the crew hit back at the gospel singer, saying he remarks was an indication she's their biggest fan who has mastered the song lyrics and dance moves.