King Kaka to Feature American Comedian Tracy Morgan in Royalty Music Video

  • Kenyan rapper King Kaka has made a major stride in his upcoming project where he features prominent American comedian Tracy Morgan in his new music video.

    The video expected to drop on Friday off his album Eastlando Royalty fresh off the fame of his hit single Dundaing.

    The track is titled Royalty whose audio was released on December 10, 2018, on YouTube.

    "Holla at me, baby, you can't f*** with Royalty, you know what I'm saying," Tracy Morgan introduces the track.

    The American actor also has the final word on the track, "King kaka holla at me boy, your brother you know what it is all around the world (global) we kings baby royalty don't get it twisted.

    "And please don't get discombobulated Nairobi stand up, Brooklyn stand up, It's me and you king kaka. We doing it whole the world all global You know what it is the blood."

    King Kaka was the first East African to be interviewed at the New York radio station Hot 97 which has also hosted T-Pain, T.I. and Jay-Z.

    It was during the interview that he met with the American actor.

    In a previous interview, King Kaka revealed that he got Morgan to feature on the track through a mutual friend.

    "I had recorded the song prior to that, and he loved it when I sent it to him. He recorded his part soon after, sent it to me, and we were able to mix it. We recorded the music video while I was in New York. I’ll release it as soon as “Dundaing” stops Sumbuaing," he revealed.

    Here is the video of the duo recording the video on New York streets.

    King Kaka in December made headlines when his track, Dundaing was played in the US during a NBA game between Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers.