DCI Kinoti Spent 18 Hours at Riverside Without Food or Sleep

  • DCI Director George Kinoti at Dusit D2 Hotel Twitter
  • DCI Director George Kinoti on Wednesday recounted how he spent 18 hours at Dusit D2 hotel terror attack scene without food or sleep.

    According to People Daily, the DCI boss noted that he arrived at the 14 Riverside Drive at 3:57pm.

    "I have not had a meal since yesterday. Neither have I changed my clothes. But I am happy to leave because everything now is okay," he stated.

    It is only after it was officially announced that the siege at Dusit D2 Complex was over that the DCI Kinoti left.

    DCI boss George Kinoti during the attack at 14 Riverside

    Having been among the earliest responders at the scene, Kinoti is said to have coordinated the first police units to arrive at the scene before the elite Recce Squad officers came in.

    Despite having survived 28 gunshots during a previous attack along Jogoo Road, the DCI swung into action and was seen shuttling in and out of the hotel complex mobilizing forces to neutralize the assailants.

    During the operation, Kinoti, just like other junior officers involved in the operation, largely survived on bottled water which was being provided by the Kenya Red Cross.

    Although the operation was under the command of GSU Commandant Douglas Kirocho Kanja, the DCI's presence was critical given the second phase of the operation, investigations, lies squarely under Kinoti's docket.

    An officer involved in the operation was quoted commending the DCI chief noting that under his leadership, the first response teams managed to destabilize the attackers consequently reducing the number of casualties.

    Besides, being a hands-on person, he is likely to have guided the preservation, gathering and documentation of evidence and intelligence for the investigations.

    As a former intelligence officer, the DCI and DPP Noordin Haji, who was reportedly at the scene, provided moral and technical support to the teams in operation given their experience in handling sophisticated crime.

    DCI boss George Kinoti with DPP Noordin Haji and EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak and