Paul Muite Identifies Loophole for Terrorists if Guards Get Armed

  • Senior Counsel Paul Muite Facebook
  • Senior Counsel Paul Muite, on Saturday, chimed on the debate to arm private guards as announced by Private Security Regulatory CEO Fazul Mohamed.

    Taking to his social media, the lawyer opined that Mohamed's directive to arm security guards would create a loophole for terrorists to get firearms.

    "Fazul leading in the making of this decision after the incompetence with which he acted as the CEO of NGOs coordinating Board? 

    "With him at the helm of Private Guards, many criminals and terrorists will now seek employment as private guards!" he tweeted.

    Private Security Regulatory CEO Fazul Mohamed 

    Fazul, during a press conference at Railway grounds on Friday, announced that private security officers would be allowed to carry firearms.

    He explained that the guards would undergo training and vetting before being issued with the weapons.

    The CEO further cited that firearms will be issued for specific purposes and assignment to specific officers. The officers include; those who guard key installations especially places there is a lot of traffic such as malls, hotels, cash transit and VIP protection.

    The directive further elicited reactions from a section of Kenyans online with some supporting the idea.

    "I personally have been to those countries security guards are licensed to carry firearms, they are more disciplined. I think the government of Kenya should put into law tough penalty including death penalty to those found guilty of miss using the firearms. I beg to support the idea 100 percent," one user wrote.

    Another stated, "All security officers should possess NYS certificates. Most of the guys who finish NYS training just go home, and these security firms should be focusing on employing those."

    Some of the reactions.