Sonko to Grant Ksh400M New Offices to MCAs

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  • Nominated Members of the Nairobi County Assembly(MCA) and personal assistants are set to get new offices in the next financial year.

    Nairobi Assembly Majority leader Abdi Guyo stated that the nominated members would get the privilege in the next financial year as the finances for the exercise was set aside for the next county budget.

    “Even the nominated members need equal treatment with their elected colleagues for them to perform their oversight, legislative and representative roles,” Guyo stated.

    Nairobi Assembly Majority Leader Abdi Guyo

    Meanwhile, ksh 400 million was set aside for the construction of new offices for the elected members only.

    This was according to the County’s Annual Development Plan (CADP) for the year 2019/2020.

    The South B MCA, Chege Waithera, stated that working without offices was an inconvenience to the non-elected members.

    “This is against the Salaries and Remuneration Commission circular, I am urging the leadership to ensure they have permanent structures and are also treated like their elected counterparts,” Waithera stated.

    According to reports, the new offices will be located at the parking space between Taifa Road and City Hallway.

    MCA’s and committee chairpersons will, therefore, stop operating from rented spaces.

    CADP report also indicated that only 53 wards out of 85 in the capital city had offices, which were rented spaces.

    Nairobi Assembly Majority leader Abdi Guyo and Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko