Mohammed Ali Narrates How GSU Officer Beat Him Up & Broke His Hand

  • Nyali Member of the National Assembly Mohammed Ali is a man of many tales especially from his time as an unrelenting investigative journalist in Kenya.

    During an interview with NTV's The Wicked Edition's host Dr. King'ori, the MP recounted a time when a General Service Unit officer beat him up while he was on assignment for his then station KTN.

    Th former Jicho Pevu host revealed that he, together with a cameraman, had gone to cover fire in Kibera slams one night when a GSU officer unknowingly beat him hence breaking his hand.

    "The one I was hit was when I was a journalist in Kibera by a GSU and I don't blame him. Alinipiga mkono karibu anivunje, (He beat my hand and nearly broke it) I think I had a crack.

    "People were burning houses at night, there was a problem so mimi niliingilia upande wa nyuma kumbe GSU wamekuja upande wa mbele. (I entered through the back yet the GSU had come from the front) When we were going to find out what was happening tukakutana nao (we met them)," he told the show's host Dr. King'ori.

    He further revealed that the misunderstanding came about since the GSU officer did not understand the setup of the congested village but he has since forgiven the officer.

    While still on the show, the MP also narrated another hilarious encounter with the police when he was still a primary school kid.

    He revealed that it was during the Saba Saba movement that he, together with some friends, joined the protest not knowing what was going on but the sheer fun of throwing stones just like the rest.

    "It was those days that Matiba (Kenneth) was very powerful and I was in primary school. Tuliona watu kwa barabara wanarusha mawe hata sisi tunashika (We saw protesters on the road throwing stones we also grabbed what we could) what we can grab and throw," he continued.

    He, however, disclosed that he was beaten during the chaos since he ran and hid under a lorry. Its driver drove away exposing the young Moha to GSU who then chased him away.

    Watch the video of his narration below: