Ruto's Vague Statement That Has Left Kenyans Guessing

  • Deputy President William Ruto, on Wednesday, sent out a tweet via his official social media account where he affirmed that he would be swayed from his religious beliefs.

    In the vaguely worded statement, Ruto stated that he was a Christian and a servant of God before all the other titles.

    "We will continue to worship Jehovah with our hearts and substance. We are unashamed of our God and unapologetic of our faith. We are Christians first other titles after," he declared.

    His remarks came a day after Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit, of the Anglican Church of Kenya, asked churches to investigate sources of money from politicians.

    He stated to the church, "Let us not allow Harambee money to become a subtle way of sanitising corrupt leaders.”

    Ruto's tweet left many users online with questions on whether this was a response to the recent debate over churches being used by politicians to launder money.

    The Star opined that Ruto's tweet was "hitting back at his critics as the 'dirty money' in churches debate rages on."

    "If you really mean what you are saying then declare your wealth and tell us about Arror and Kimwarer," one netizen noted.

    Another user quipped, "We are also unashamed of looting government money then taking it to church as an offering."

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