Ex-DCJ Nancy Baraza Reveals How Judges Conspired to Remove Her From Office

  • Seven years after former Deputy Chief Justice, Nancy Baraza was removed from office, she has blamed the judiciary for her exit.

    In an interview conducted by KTN's Tony Gachoka, Ms Baraza revealed that she was treated unfairly after she allegedly pinched Rebecca Kerubo's nose, who was a guard at a shopping mall.

    "I think what happened was unfortunate, but it attracted forces from outside. I think other forces joined in the war and that is why I say I was not treated fairly," she stated.

    The ex-DCJ, who has since apologized to Ms Kerubo, described the incident as 'a security lapse' on her part. 

    However, she stated that there was a court of appeal judge, who planted stories on the media that would later see her out of her job.

    "It became a media feast for my own colleagues from Judiciary, and these are not lies because whoever they were calling I was able to get the information," she revealed.

    She further gave an example of a judge who would call somebody from the media and tell them to keep the story rolling until she exits her seat.

    Ms Baraza, who is now a senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi, added that other members of the judiciary have gotten away with doing worse things.

    She argued that if the same standards that were applied to her were used against all state officers, most would be in jail.

    "People were calling the media, people were paying people to throw things to the media. The reasoning was even if she survived the tribunal, she should have no face to come back to the Supreme Court," she added.

    Former DCJ Kalpana Rawal, who held the same position, also faced controversy while in office and the current DCJ Philomena Mwilu is facing corruption charges as well.