KTN Anchor Michael Gitonga Narrates Working as a Floor Cleaner

  • KTN News Morning Express show host Michael Gitonga has recounted a time he worked as a floor cleaner to make ends meet.

    In a sit-down with Standard Digital, Gitonga revealed that he cleaned floors at a supermarket in order to raise school fees. He worked at night so he could attend classes during the day.

    He further divulged that he transitioned to becoming a cab driver towards the end of his college life.

    "I was paying my own fees and had to work at night and attend classes during the day. The secret was focusing on what took me there.

    "I washed supermarket floors at night and stacked the shelves. Towards the end, I was a cab driver," he narrated.

    He also disclosed that he pursued an Engineering course that he loved and partly because he was pressured to pursue a 'science' career by his father.

    "I initially went to France, but the language barrier made it difficult for me to study. After three months, I opted to go to the United Kingdom where I enrolled at Nottingham University to study electrical engineering.

    "I did a course in making and engineering of musical instruments. My interest in engineering was two way; one was pressure from my dad as he desired me to do something 'sciency' as he was a scientist. The other was my love for gadgets," he continued.

    Previously, Gitonga explained that his introduction into the media industry was some kind of an accident.

    "I went to a radio station to place an advert for a church meeting that was coming up and the person in charge of recording told me the ad could not run because the voice artist had left for the day.

    "I insisted on trying and, fortunately, he agreed. As I was recording, the owner of the station happened to be passing by and asked to see me. The rest is history," he explained.