Jalang'o & Joe Muchiri in Heated Exchange Over Huduma Namba

  • Media personalities Jalang'o and Joe Muchiri were, on Thursday, engaged in a heated exchange over the ongoing mass registration for Huduma Namba.

    Muchiri threw the first jab at the Milele FM presenter terming him an influencer for the exercise which was a scheme to illegally acquire its citizens' data under the guise of service provision.

    "The part 30 million people influenced by their parents, Jalang'o and Nonini didn’t read. 'I confirm that the information including biometrics provided is true, correct and accurate. I am aware that my information including biometrics will be used for the generation of a  Huduma Namba which is a unique personal identifier across the government systems. I understand that my information may be provided to an authorised Government agency'," he noted.

    Muchiri, in his post, found it comical for a government to push its citizens to register for Huduma Namba so as to provide better services after six years of failing to do so.

    "It is sad people have been duped to do it in millions. The big question is who benefits from this project from data collection, to kits supply, to data maintenance etc. I mean the whole thing tender for Huduma cards.

    "Expect new scams in 2019 where someone can use your identity to do illegal stuff on your behalf. I hope your Huduma digits makes you get cheaper fuel and groceries. I am not boarding," he declared.

    Jalang'o didn't take it lightly to have his name dragged into the Huduma Namba debate. 

    "Muchiri, my brother. If you are not taking Huduma Number just don't take it! You don't have to mention me!

    "You say I have been paid to tell people to take it. Very well! Because this is not just another page, this is a media platform just like all radios and TV stations have been paid!" he retorted.

    He further conveyed that there were things much worse than the Huduma Namba.

    "If this Huduma number will kill me let it kill me! You don't always have to drag everyone in your wars! So which one will kill people first? The whiskey you pour in people mouths in clubs or Huduma number?" Jalang'o hit back. 

    During his first press briefing, Government spokesperson colonel (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna declared that the mass registration exercise deadline would not be extended after Saturday.