Man Busted at Lodging With Form 3 Student

  • 23-year-old Patrick Waweru being escorted to a police van after being caught in the act with a Form 3 student Facebook
  • Kitengela residents were left in shock on Saturday after a man was caught pants down inside a lodging with a Form 3 student.

    According to The Standard, the man who was identified as Patrick Waweru was seen entering the facility with the girl who was dressed in her full uniform.

    This prompted the hotel staff to notify police officers who arrived shortly and caught the two in the act. 

    23-year-old Patrick Waweru who was busted at a lodging with a Form 3 student

    Waweru allegedly booked a room in that lodging earlier that day. He returned with the student at noon.

    When he was asked to explain his actions, he stated that the girl had agreed to their plans.

    “We had agreed and she said we could go to a lodging. When the police stormed in we were still talking and nothing had happened,” he asserted. 

    The 23-year-old man told journalists that she had been in a relationship with the student for two years. 

    ‘’I have been having an affair with this girl for two years now, but all I know is that she is over 18 years,” said Kamau.

    However, the girl claimed that she would be turning 17 in a week's time.

    Residents condemned the incident and called on the police to take action on Waweru.

    Here is the video courtesy of NTV.