NTSA Triples Mandatory Inspection Fees for Car Owners

  • Kenyan motorists will have to dig deeper into their pockets to have their cars inspected if a proposed increase by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) proposal is anything to go by.

    According to a report by the Business Daily newspaper, the new regulations that are ready for public participation propose that all private car owners will pay between Ksh 2,000 and Ksh 3,500 inspection fee from the current Ksh 1,000.

    The charge will be determined by the difference in engine capacities where 3,000cc and below will attract Ksh 2,000 while those above will pay Ksh 2,500.

    “All private vehicles which are more than four-years-old from the recorded date of manufacture shall undergo a motor vehicle inspection test after every two years," read part of the proposal.

    NTSA further demanded that all cars more than four years old, those whose lengths had been modified and the ones that had been involved in accidents, would undergo mandatory inspection.

    Motorcycles and three-wheeler (Tuk Tuks) owners will also part with Ksh 500 for the inspections while heavy commercial vehicles will attract a Ksh 3,500 fee.

    The draft further proposed that all private vehicles would be inspected every two years while commercial vehicles every year.

    “All commercial vehicles, public service vehicles and school buses shall undergo a pre-registration inspection and an annual periodic motor vehicle inspection thereafter," continued the regulations.

    The proposal further illustrated that the inspection would be outsourced to private centers after they register with NTSA at a fee of Ksh 500,000 for three years.

    The rules are, however, clear that car garages will not double as inspection centres and that inspectors will be barred from running more than one center.

    “The authority shall enter into a fee share arrangement with privately owned inspection centre owners at a ratio of 70:30 in favour of the privately owned inspection centre,” stated the regulations.