What Detectives Found Inside Briefcase in Maribe's Ceiling

  • Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe and her fiancee Joseph Irungu during a murder trail at the Milimani law courts on 25/6/18 YouTube
  • UPDATE: Crime scene officer Jennifer Jepkosgei on Wednesday clarified that the pack of ammunition found in the ceiling was in Maribe’s neighbour Brian Kasaine’s house. 

    During the murder trial of slain businesswoman Monica Kimani that kicked off on Tuesday, crime scene officer Jennifer Jepkosgei revealed that there was a briefcase hidden in Citizen TV journalist, Jacque Maribe's ceiling.

    Ms Jepkosgei disclosed that the briefcase contained ammunition, spent cartridges wrapped in a white paper and two empty magazines.

    The Citizen TV journalist and her fiancée Joseph Irungu alias Jowie are the main suspects in the case where the businesswoman was brutally murdered at her home in Lamuria apartments, Nairobi on September 20, 2018.

    Monica Kimani, a businesswoman who was brutally murdered at her Lamuria gardens home in Kilimani

    The crime scene officer, who was also the second prosecution witness to take the stand in the murder trial, also showcased gory images of the victim's body, which moved people in the courtroom to tears.

    “Photos number 33, 34 and 35 show the upper part of the deceased’s body in the bathtub with her hands tied at the back, a masking tape on the mouth, injuries on her neck and a mobile phone beside her,” she stated.

    She also showed a towel soaked in blood, which she claimed had been used to wipe blood in the living room.

    Pathologist Peter Ndegwa, another witness, testified that the victim suffered severe damage after her throat was slit and that she also had blood oozing out of her private parts. 

    He stated that the businesswoman died of haemorrhage due to a severe neck injury caused by a sharp object.

    Ndegwa added that Kimani's hands and legs were tied together and that blood had oozed from her nose.

    The case is expected to proceed on Wednesday and the crime scene officer will table 44 more photographs taken at Maribe's house.

    Jowie Irungu while in court during a past court appearance