Kenya Power Goes After Customers Over Stolen Tokens

Kenya Power has started cracking down on customers, who participated in the scheme to defraud the company, with the help of insiders.

The Standard reported that from July 8, customers had been complaining about having negative balances on their prepaid metres.

An undercover journalist established that rogue Kenya Power staff, had been selling illegal tokens to customers and the company was now recouping the money lost in the scheme.

Moses Michira, who pretended to be affected by the crackdown, visited Kenya Power offices to find out what was happening. 

He was told by customer care executives that unnamed colleagues, had generated the tokens, which would be sold to unsuspecting customers, through third-party agents. 

"The tokens were sold at deep discounts to lure customers hunting for a bargain. The customers should have sensed something was amiss," a customer care executive noted.

The customers will have to settle the bills before they are able to buy additional tokens again.

"There is an ongoing recovery of payments targeting affected customer accounts," disclosed Kenya Power Managing DirectorJared Otieno.

"The recovery process began late last month and is an ongoing exercise. The company has ensured that all affected customers are notified on the said payments prior to recovery," he added. 

It is still not yet clear how much money was lost in the scheme.

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