3 Arrested With Ksh100K Fake New Currency Notes

  • A specimen of the new Kenyan currency File
  • Police in Embu have arrested three individuals with counterfeit new currency notes amounting to Ksh 100,000.

    The three were apprehended following a tip-off from residents in Manyatta trading market in Embu North.

    They were taken to Manyatta Police Station and will be arraigned in court once investigations are complete.

    Embu North Sub-County Commander, Godfrey Kereconfirmed the incident warning residents to be keen on the features of the new notes.

    An aerial photo of Embu town

    The police boss stated that the suspects intended to use the fake notes to swindle residents who may not be able to distinguish security features of the new currency notes.

    This comes after another incident where a driver was almost arrested in Mandera, in June, when he was also found in possession of fake new currency notes.

    The driver explained himself to the police saving himself from arrest as they confirmed he had also been swindled.

    He told police that he had transported a client who paid him Ksh 3,000, but later came to learn that Ksh 2,000 was fake.

    The Central Bank of Kenya has been keen to post to Kenyans the process of identifying the genuine new currency notes.

    To identify a genuine banknote; feel, look and tilt it. If you run your fingers over the note, you will feel the raised print on Kenya and also on the value,” reads a promo video from CBK.

    If you hold up the note to the light, a watermark of a lion’s head, the text CBK and the value of the banknote will appear.

    A photo of the Embu police station