Chris Kirubi Shares Secret to His Success

  • Renowned Billionaire Chris Kirubi is a man known for his vast wealth and success in society.

    The business mogul, who has severally divulged various tales of his journey from grass to grace, has recently been sharing opportunities with Kenyans hungry for success from time to time.

    On Sunday, Kirubi took to social media to share secrets of success which have reaped the results that are coveted by most.

    In his message, he urged those seeking opportunities to ensure that they are in line with their vision.

    He, however, went ahead to warn that, if the said opportunities do not add any value or growth, it should be discarded.

    "Whatever opportunity you decide to take should be in line with your vision. When I look at the opportunities that come my way, I ask myself, will it add value to a business or individual? If I cannot add value or contribute to some sort of growth then I won't take it," advised the tycoon.

    In some of his posts, Kirubi has been sharing words of wisdom and a recent one was a revelation of his character that led to his success in entrepreneurship.

    "I'm known to be very direct and I truly believe that there’s a real power in being straight to the point. As an entrepreneur, you will learn that it's important to share your honest truth at all times. This not only makes you credible and trustworthy but it sets you free" he stated.

    "Your dreams get you through your worst days. They are the reason you wake up in the morning and try again. Without dreams we are nothing," affirmed Kirubi.

    The billionaire also doubles up as a DJ at his media house, Capital FM, and is known to scintillate crowds with his mixes on one of the popular station's shows.

    In a past sit down interview with a popular series on Capital FM known as Ask Kirubi, he explained his reason for his 'side job'

    "I had to do my research and practically submerge myself in the industry by becoming a DJ in order to understand the market. Only then could I make proper and effective decisions,” narrated Kirubi.

    His dedication has earned him an unrivaled edge and success so much so that at one time, he purchased property for the company that he used to hawk for.