Uhuru's Plea to Kenyans Living in Jamaica

  • On Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta pleaded with Kenyans living in Jamaica to be good ambassadors as they carried Kenya's flag in the diaspora.

    Uhuru spoke when he met the Kenyan diaspora in Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica, one of the most dynamic countries in the Caribbean, during his three-day visit in the country. 

    No matter the distance between our lands we are all one people.

    Be like a torch which shines the path for other Kenyans and be the mirror that Jamaicans can look into to see who Kenyans are,” Uhuru urged them.

    Uhuru further instructed Kenya’s ambassador based in Cuba, Anthony Muchiriwho is also the envoy to Jamaica to divide his time equally between the two countries he serves.

    The government is here to support you and create more opportunities for Kenyans and also show opportunities existing for Jamaicans in Kenya,” Uhuru pledged.

    He went on to state that the ambassador will devote more time to support the Kenyan diaspora in Jamaica and work to create more opportunities for Kenyans in the Caribbean nation.

    According to Uhuru, Kenya will continue upgrading its ties with Jamaica for the benefit of the people of both countries especially the growing Kenyan diaspora based in the Caribbean country.

    The President also noted that it was Jamaican lawyer, Dudley Thompson, who staunchly defended founding President Jomo Kenyatta when he was incarcerated by the colonialist government of the day.

    He had earlier on revealed that he had family ties in Jamaica. The mother to the wife of Uhuru’s brother, Muhoho Kenyatta, is the link between the Kenyatta’s family and Jamaica.

    The president and First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta, were hosted to a state dinner by Jamaica's Governor-General, Patrick Allen, and his wife, Lady Allen, at King's House in Kingston, Jamaica.