DP Ruto’s Outcry Surprises Kenyans

  • An emotional William Ruto File
  • On Tuesday, Kenyans were surprised by how Deputy President, William Ruto, took it to Twitter to decry how the Star Newspaper had used his name to sell its cover story.

    This is what constitutes FAKE NEWS. I know it is difficult but newspapers should try selling without the 'Ruto' mention. Please! Tafadhali woiye! (Kindly please),” Ruto pleaded.

    Ruto referred the Star's cover story that was titled 'Ruto Allies Plot to Scuttle Uhuru-Raila Referendum', as fake news.

    A collage photo of Deputy President William Ruto and The Star cover page

    According to the DP, it was uncouth of newspapers, to use his name to sell stories even when he was not involved in the said news.

    Kenyans were however surprised at Ruto’s politeness and how he begged.

    Most of them highlighted that the DP was tired at the scheme to use his name.

    “Big flat fake lie news, I barely buy them cause I know they are there to taint you into the core of common mwananchi But let me tell you this makes you stronger, we barely forget your name not even for a second,” Brown Sosoliso assured.

    Others trolled him on how he cried out.

    Reactions to Ruto's outcry

    “Woiye aki...mbona sasa.. Niko nyuma yako pole woiye bro (So sorry. Why do they do this? I support you brother),” Wise Man joked.

    However, others accused him of being behind the plot of selling the newspaper.

    “Sometimes I feel like the DP is promoting this newspaper,” Merc Mchuma accused.

    Other reactions to Ruto's outcry
    More reactions to Ruto's outcry