Ruto's Wife Explains Why She Didn't Accept His 1st Marriage Proposal

  • Before deciding on a life partner, many will seek clarity from different avenues. In Rachel Ruto's case, she sought to pray about it, seeking divine guidance in her choice for a spouse. 

    In a 2014 interview on Woman Without Limits, Rachel Ruto revealed that she knew DP William Ruto from when they were children - but she wasn't romantically involved with him until they got to campus.

    "I would see him in the youth camps and he was active in the youth choir and in acting in the church as well," she told the host, Rev. Kathy Kiuna.

    Rachel disclosed that it was when she joined campus that she started dating Ruto. The DP was then studying at the University of Nairobi as she pursued her teaching practice in Eldoret.

    While practising, she would pray for a life partner and in her words, 'I was praying for a husband and God gave me his two names' - referring to William Ruto.

    As fate would have it, the night after God revealed her partner, Ruto travelled all the way from Nairobi to Eldoret with one intention - to propose to her.

    "He didn't beat around the bush. He asked me the question," Rachel recalled adding that she didn't say yes immediately

    "As much as in the previous night, God had assured me of the man I was going to marry, I told him (Ruto) 'I'll pray about it and get back to you'. I did want to show him that I was just waiting," she explained.

    Rachel stated that she would not remain on the fence for long. After finishing her teaching practice, she went back to Nairobi and told Ruto that she was ready for marriage.

    "We got married immediately after graduation at 23 years and we have six children," she conveyed.